About Us

Horses pulling a carriage

Make your loved one’s last journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished by family and friends. A special farewell for a special person. When was the last time you saw a funeral procession being led by a pair of majestic Friesian horses hitched to a beautiful Horse Drawn Hearse? The passing of a President? A Horse Drawn Hearse may be the answer to that age old question. How can we show the world how special our loved one was to us? They deserve more than just an “ordinary” service. Show the world that your loved one was “special”.

Joe Tetz Horse drawn funerals is located in Pa. which travels to places such as New Jersey, New york, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and many other places. View our gallery for photos of our services that we have provided for some of the many funeral homes we have worked for.

In 1990 Joe and Barb Tetz started restoring carriages. That same year they purchased their first two Friesian horses, flown in all the way from Holland.

In 1995, while installing a new driveway in the nearby City of Bethlehem, construction workers unearthed the skeletal remains of 2 bodies. It was determined, by the buttons on their jackets, that they were the remains of Revolutionary War Soldiers. Joe and Barb were delighted and honored when asked to participate in the reburial of these men. It turned out to be quite an affair. Local dignitaries as well as the Pentagon Color Guard were there to take part in the ceremony. The streets were lined with hundreds of spectators. That was the beginning of Joe and Barbs Horse Drawn Funeral Service. From there Joe and Barb went on to design and build Custom Hearses. Some of the finest to be found anywhere.