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Make your loved one's last journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished by family and friends. A special farewell for a special person.

When was the last time you saw a funeral procession being led by a pair of majestic Friesian horses hitched to a beautiful Horse Drawn Hearse? The passing of a President?

A Horse Drawn Hearse may be the answer to that age old question. How can we show the world how special our loved one was to us? They deserve more than just an "ordinary" service. Show the world that your loved one was "special".

OPEN HOUSE June 14th and 15th 2008 CLICK HERE

Contact Us 484-221-0172

White horses and white hearse now available for funerals.

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(610) 298-3017

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7531 Bausch Road
New Tripoli, Pa. 18066
(610) 298-3017
Cell Phone 484-221-0172


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Please ask for Joe Tetz when you call.

Hi and welcome to Horse drawn funerals and Museum. We are located in New Tripoli just northwest of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton and east of Reading, Hamburg, Lancaster and Harrisburg. We provide a horse drawn carriage hearse for funeral service in many locations such as Orange New Jersey., Hillside New Jersey, Newark New Jersey., Irvington New Jersey, Fulton County Pa., Columbia New Jersey, Monroe, New York, Washington New Jersey, Warwick New York, Frenchtown New Jersey, Lebanon Pa., Somerville New Jerey, Sussex New Jersey, Westfield New Jersey, Mercer County Pa., Mifflin County Pa., Plainfield New Jersey, Somerville New Jersey, Clinton New Jersey, Fairfax Virginia, Washington County Pa., horse drawn carriage funeral service in York Pa. and many more in Pa. Our Hearse our pulled by Fresian horses and the Pall Biers coach is pulled by Percerons. We have a few horse drawn hearse to choose from, such as our Caissons which provides the recognition to our honored Military, Police, Firefighter and Public Servants. These hearse were original used at Arlington National Cemetery.

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